IconThe Essentials Course was designed to provide an affordable, efficient and convenient method for learning the essential topics in real estate investing. This course teaches the concepts and mechanics of real estate investment transactions from acquisition to exit in a self-paced, online learning environment.

This offers the flexibility to learn in several ways. Our Video Class Room is available online at any time. Or if you’re on the go and prefer audio only, you can download the MP3s from our Audio Library. As an added benefit you may participate in our live class filming as a part of the studio audience when we update our Essentials Course classes.

The curriculum in the Essentials Course is made up of seven classes:

  • Real Estate Essentials
  • Tax and Legal Strategies I
  • Tax and Legal Strategies II
  • Real Estate Red Flags
  • Creative Acquisitions Strategies
  • Finding the Deal of the Decade Every Week
  • Finding Hungry Buyers for Your Deals

Each of these courses were developed with specific learning outcomes that are reinforced through relevant course content and evaluations.

In addition to the eight classes, the Essentials Course includes additional support to enhance your learning experience:

  • One-to-Many Professional Coaching– Learn from others and share your experiences on this group coaching call. Our Coaching staff will draw from a range of useful topics every week, including, but not limited to:
    • Introductory Goal-Setting
    • Understanding Your Marketplace
    • Pre-Foreclosures/Foreclosures, and REO’s
    • Wholesaling
    • Buy and Hold
    • Short Sales
    • Fix and Flip/Rehab
    • Lease Options
    • Subject to
    • Tax Liens and Deeds


Bonus Training Materials :

“Understanding Your Investor ID” Real Estate Training Program with instructor J. Massey

Find out how you can get started with your real estate investing education with the Essentials Course!

The school offers students the added flexibility to learn online through the Video Class Room and Audio Library.  Class completion requirements can be met either through the live classes, VCR, audio, or a combination of these.

We offer an educational system for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. The school is the exclusive distributor of the materials, content, presentation design and format, which are proprietary products. The school is not a degree-granting or vocational program, and therefore is not accredited with any academic or standards governing board.

Courses and instructors may be added, changed, or removed from time-to-time. We reserve the right to make replacements or substitutions to the curriculum, its content, presentation design and format, as it deems necessary to ensure the quality and effectiveness of its educational system. As such, classes in the VCR (online) may differ slightly from the live classes.

Please note that all Vocational Tracks may not be offered during a Vocations Week. We reserve the right to cancel any and all classes for any reason regardless of registrations made by students for the classes cancelled. We will make reasonable efforts to notify students who have registered in the event they have registered for a class that is cancelled. We are not responsible for costs incurred by students related to the cancellation of the classes.


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