Multi-Millionaire Forrest Bledsoe in Scottsdale on September 29th

Forrest Bledsoe

After a twenty-eight year career in health care, including serving as a hospital administrator, entrepreneur, educator and author, Forrest Bledsoe felt there was still much more for him to accomplish in his life. Having built a successful career but not a large amount of money, he wondered what he could do to make a difference in his life. Witnessing friends building huge incomes and wealth through real estate, at age 53 he felt it was his turn!

Not knowing how to get started in his new career, Forrest found Renatus by simply responding to an advertisement. After careful review of the company’s business model, the integrity of its leaders, the instructors’ wealth-building strategies, and interviewing other students about their experiences, he jumped in with both feet.

Since joining the community nearly six years ago, Forrest has achieved the financial and personal growth objectives he had set for himself. As a mentor and coach to hundreds of new students, he has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in education sales income, built his real estate portfolio and worked closely with one of the most talented and inspired leadership teams anywhere, under the guidance of Renatus Founder and CEO Bob Snyder.

As a real estate investor Forrest has built three companies, each organized around a specific set of strategies taught by the Renatus instructors; been at the helm of dozens of large and small residential and commercial real estate transactions; and owns or controls over 230 properties. He continues to negotiate the acquisition and sale of large portfolios of performing and non-performing real estate assets with banks and hedge funds, as well as acquires cashflowing residential rental properties throughout the United States.

“Today,” says Forrest, “I can joyfully say Renatus has given me a new lease on life!”

Cost is $50.00 per person. Contact JC Williams at (520) 275-9290 to register for this event.

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