Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Warns Mortgage Servicers About Legal Protections for Consumers When Treansferring Loans

CFPB to Closely Monitor Transfer Activity at Bank and Nonbank Servicers

WASHINGTON, D.C. —The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today issued a bulletin advising mortgage companies about their legal obligations that protect consumers during loan transfers between mortgage servicers. When handing over the processing of loans, mortgage servicers should not lose paperwork, lose track of a homeowner’s loss mitigation plans, or hinder a consumer’s chances of saving their home from unnecessary foreclosure. The CFPB has a heightened concern about these practices given the large number and size of recent servicing transfers.
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Delinquency Rates for 2012 are mixed as the year ends

While looking over the month to month delinquency rates on mortgages (home that the payment is delinquent, but not in foreclosure), I have noticed that the numbers continue to decrease over last year at the same time. Let’s look over the numbers for 2012: Continue reading

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Where are the deals?

Where are those great deals?

I remember several years ago, I became involved with gold prospecting (this was way before the current gold mining show’s “stars” were old enough to even think of gold, let alone be down in the jungles going for it), I had asked the purveyor of the local gold mining supply store, “where do you find gold?”

His answer is the same one I use today when I am asked “where do you find properties?” It is where you look!

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Renatus Founder Bob Snyder in Scottsdale October 26-27

Renatus was founded and is led by 25-year entrepreneur, Mr. Bob Snyder. As CEO and President, Mr. Snyder is responsible for day-to-day company operations, affiliate marketing program expansion, course curriculum evaluation and renewal, practitioner-instructor recruiting, and month-over-month increased sales performance.

Mr. Snyder began his entrepreneurial journey over 25 years ago with the desire to leave a positive mark on the world. Establishing himself as a marketing Continue reading

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Real Estate Broker and Investor to Present at the October 26-27 Regional Meeting of Renatus in Scottsdale

Chris is a real estate professional with over 30 years of experience. He is both a real estate investor and a licensed real estate agent in the state of Arizona. As a real estate professional, his businesses specialize in fix and flip, property management, wholesaling, land lording and traditional real estate services targeting buyer’s and seller’s needs in residential, land and light commercial real estate transactions.

Chris holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and has held corporate jobs in companies such as Lucent, GTE, and AG Communication Systems. His corporate jobs ranged from customer support, research and design, customer training, to marketing and sales. He has held titles of AVP Government and International Sales, Director Program and Product Management, Manager of Customer Training, and Engineer.

In real estate, his expertise lies in building real estate networks, acquiring properties and pursuing real estate strategies. Chris developed a wholesaling strategy and methodology which, although often imitated, very few have mastered at his level.
Furthermore, his skills and knowledge as a lector are in high demand for both real estate investors and real estate professionals. He speaks on real estate and business topics such as understanding markets, trends, techniques, and strategies. Chris is an instructor for Renatus and The Arizona Academy of Real Estate. He is also a full-time real estate professional doing both traditional real estate and investing. He and his business conduct hundreds of profitable real estate transactions every year. Chris continues to share his vast real-world expertise with Renatus students to assist them in achieving their real estate investment goals.

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