We are expanding!

Tucson Business Development Group is expanding ….

No, we are not moving into a new office, we are expanding both inside and outside of the Tucson area.

What does this mean to you?

Simply this, if you want to really change how secure you are in life, if you want to start making more in a week than a month, if you want a better retirement, then you need to get on board NOW!

We offer a comprehensive training program designed to help you, not only be successful, but to set you up for a 6 figure income over the next 12 months*. Not only that, but through the best education available anywhere, we will help you create long-term wealth!

You want financial and time freedom?

FINANCIAL-FREEDOM-SIGNTucson Business Development Group (Team 1) is in the process of creating individuals who enjoy the true freedom which only comes from controlling your financial life. What does that mean?

If you generate in a month what, in the past, takes you an entire year (working 40-50 hours per week) to create (not including the thrashing you take from the taxman), then you will have much more time to spend on what truly brings you joy in life.

Want to spend more time with the kids, spouse, hobbies, passions? Then why not seriously look at changing HOW you make your money!

How about that Retirement, Someday?

gtb-belize-retirement-beachThe US government states that half of Americans have NO savings for retirement, and those who do? Most are seriously short of what they will need.

We will not only teach you how to retire, but show you how to have more than enough money coming in each and every month, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND BEYOND!

The E.P.I.C. solution

There is not one solution to the issue of income generation. So, we came up with a combination we call E.P.I.C. … Education, Properties, Income, Community.


You will need education to change your future. Recently, the comment was made: “Where you are now is the results of you best thoughts.” If you consider where you get your thoughts from, it is generally through the education, readings, and people you associate with. So, if where you are is based upon your best thinking, then maybe it would be worth changing some of those influences so you CAN get to where you want to go.


We do not offer properties directly (as investments no, but as a retail purchase for a new homeowner, most definitely!). What we do offer is the education so you know how to find properties, the strategies to acquire and dispose of those properties, how to create funding to purchase those properties, and the community to help you implement all of that.


Dual income opportunities exist within our community. First is real estate, via investing, but that is a long term strategy. You will not become a millionaire by next Thursday, unless you are already one today. Second, in order to create more cash flowing into your pockets, and the knowledge on how to pay less in taxes (the legitimate way), we have a program which can help you create $1,000 to $10,000 (or more) extra a month to help relieve your financial situation. Ask how you can “Earn While You Learn”.

Do you have a proven sales track? We have proven results that can make you $250,000 or more a year!*


Regardless of who you are, you can always use the knowledge and experience of someone who has walked the path you are getting ready to tread down. We offer, not only weekly live, online, coaching sessions (available to any student of the education), we have community based investor round-tables and other events where you can talk with local community members who are just like you. You can see local projects, participate in social events, and maybe even develop new friendship with like-minded individuals.

Who are we looking for?

bp-finding-mOnly about 5 out of 100 will even get as far as you have in this posting! According to Health and Human Services, only 1 out 100 people who even reach the age of 65 will  “make it”. Are you willing to learn how to be the one?

Frankly, there is an entire group of people who will never apply to see if we would be interested in helping them achieve their dreams. They take themselves right out of the opportunity because of their prejudice, lack of understanding, or FEAR. Their personal limiting beliefs will prevent them from being much more than they are today. Which is OK. We need those willing to wait tables, work as plumbers, and all of the thousands of other jobs which makes life, for those who are free, enjoyable.

While not everyone is qualified for what we are offering, if you are the type of person who is tired of the status quo, tired of being told how much you are worth, seeing lesser qualified people get ahead because they are willing to “play the game”, or feeling that your talents and drive have been wasted, then you just may be who we are looking for.

Watch the short video by Bob Snyder, the founder and CEO of the school we work with by clicking on the picture below. Fill out the form on the right for more information and to receive a FREE Real Estate Investing Education Orientation Video.


*Not everyone who becomes involved with our group will make a 6 figure income in a 12 month period. These figures are based upon skills, talents, and most importantly, work ethic. Some will not work and will not make any income, while others will apply their efforts and will make a 6 to 7 figure income. It is up to you. There is no guarantee that you will make income, however there is no ceiling to what you can make either.

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